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Fredrike works within the International Relations department of URCA (University of Reims Champagne Ardenne). She introduces us to several different European mobility programmes for young Europeans. Beatrice, Spanish, has done a European voluntary service and works at the CRU (Regional centre of youth information). Anca is from Romania and Iskerden from Turkey. They are doing an “Erasmus-Internship” at the URCA, whilst Maren from Germany, is taking courses in philosophy as an Erasmus student. Her professor has given courses in Russia, as a part of this programme.

Indeed, these programmes give way to a human, relational and professional evolvement, indispensable to their current lives.

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The Erasmus Programme

Alexandra, our Citizen’s reporter, has been able to profit from the European mobility programme for students, Erasmus.
Erasmus has celebrated its 20 years in 2007. Ever since its creation, Erasmus has enabled closely up to one and a half million young Europeans to travel. For the year of 2013, the European commission has set as goal to reach the staggering number of three million mobile students, either conducting their studies or a work practice across Europe. And the students are unanimous: The Erasmus experience enrich, opens new horizons, enforce citizenship, and gives wonderful cultural and linguistic experiences.
In 31 European countries, a national agency takes care of the mobility programmes; Eramsus, Comenius, Leonard, Gundtvig and Erasmus Mundus.

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