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In Brussels, Medea, a Swiss student meets with the Belgian ONG COMIDE (Coopération Missionnaire au Développement). COMIDE sponsor educational projects to be carried out in Africa. They work with Belgian and European funding.

Medea travelled to Africa to visit the activities carried out by the projects sponsored by COMIDE. She travelled to South Africa and Madagascar to do reportage. The film has been carried out with support from the DG Development and relations with African, Caribbean and Pacific States of the European Commission.

Once in Ivato and in Cape Town, the street children of these two capitals can receive through the help of the mentioned projects a professional, humanitarian and spiritual education. The educations are conceived to help these children to grown into responsible citizens. Their educators are from time to time themselves old street children who have profited from the education of these educational centres.

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The European Union is the premier backer of financial funding in the world, which constitutes more than half of the worldwide aid to developing countries.

Development and Relations with African, Caribbean and Pacific States

Development is at the heart of the EU’s external action, along with its foreign, security and trade policies. The primary and overarching objective of EU development policy is the eradication of poverty in the context of sustainable development.

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