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Denisa is a Czech student and lives in Brussels. She takes off to Prague, following the tracks of her childhood passion for science. Before the independence of Czech Republic, her parents could not leave their country and still after the opportunities were limited. But since 2004, and the entry within the European Union, she has been able to travel more easily and give free way to her passion.

Denisa has also met an international youth science organisation, MILSET Europe which works with the support of European funds and which give her opportunities to put her dreams in action.


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Interest holder of the European Union for scientific research… DG Research

A Direction General within the European Commission has as mission to develop scientific research in Europe and make of the European Union a major pole of scientific competencies in the world.


MILSET Europe, the European branch of the International Movement for Leisure Activities in Science & Technology, is a mouvement regrouping organisations active in the local development of scientific and technical education in leisure time and which promote international cooperation, citizenship and peace, by practicing sciences and technology in a spirit of respect, understanding and solidarity within different geographic and spiritual communities.

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